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With a knack for planning and a passion for adventures, Aaron infuses a sense of order into the inevitable chaos of any uncharted expedition. Spending days on end deep in the woods off-grid is nothing new to him.

Growing up camping and hiking since a young age the nomadic nature of overlanding fits as a natural progression in his journey to discover more and go further. No trip goes exactly as planned but that doesn’t stop him from trying to prepare for any contingency. Mapping routes, strategizing alternative options, scouring the internet for hidden campsites and more often than not flying by the seat of his pants as the sun slowly fades from the horizon.

Although he may have the the shortest vehicle don’t be surprised at the absurd amount of gear fit in the back like a perfectly executed Tetris puzzle. And riding co-pilot on almost every trip is his faithful and enthusiastic rescue pitbull Dory.

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