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Felix Grimm


fe•lix- gr•imm 

Husband. Father to two awesome and crazy boys named Zane and Otto. 

Profession: Welder Fabricator

Owner of: Weld Junkie Fabrication 


Rig: 2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 

Name: Diva (aka: off-road Diva)

Many mods, and many more to come.

I mean, is a rig ever really finished?


Likes: obviously Jeeps, wheeling, camping, hiking, the PGH Penguins!, welding, black cats, tacos and just about any cookie. 

Dislikes: olives, goat cheese, the word sneakers, and the color orange.


I come from a Jeep/Mopar family, so off-roading as soon as I could drive was inevitable. I love everything about it. From the fun trail rides to the crazy rock crawls that bring the challenge of articulating through tough terrain, and yes sometimes even mud! For me, camping and wheeling go hand in hand. The trails are an exciting adventure BUT sitting around a campfire (eating hobo beans) with friends and then sleeping under the stars -- now that’s just relaxing and peaceful. Nothing is better than spending time with nature.

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