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Ever since I can remember I spent every summer on my Grandfather's land in the middle of nowhere. There was no cell service so I would wander around and explore the land and woods. I started to love and find an appreciation for the woods during my high school years. I would love exploring new parts of the property and even came across a hill that overlooked a highway. Man you could see for miles and miles - it was breathtaking. The view and the silence was just so peaceful.

Fast forward a bit - a buddy of mine at the time asked if I would like to tag along on an offroading trip with him and a few friends. Given that I liked to ride quads growing up, and I love new adventures, I said what the heck and agreed to tag along.

I am so glad I did.

Ever since  meeting DAO that day - I feel like I have become part of a family. I also love being able to challenge myself with new adventures and doing it all with some pretty amazing people. Also it's pretty cool being able to meet other off road groups and people from all walks of life. My favorite trip while being a part of DAO so far has been Potts Mountain in Virginia. My favorite part of the trip would have to be the rough terrain as well as the breathtaking views. When you stand on top of that mountain it's like the landscape goes back to what it looked like before civilization came into play. I am really glad I said yes to that trip that day because if I had not I would have missed out on some amazing people and sights. Here's to seeing the world as far as our wheels will take us.

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